Zwingenberger Zwerge


Zwingenberger Zwerge - The Best for the Smallest

You want to combine career and family, plus have the best possible childcare for your little one. This is exactly what we promise at Zwingenberger Zwerge. With our flexible daycare program and various learning activities, we encourage early childhood education while having fun.

A Learning Center for Early Childhood Development

Children want to learn. Zwingenberger Zwerge is a learning center that aims to promote early child development. Social skills and emotional development will be strengthened through group play and the daily interaction with other children and adults. Cognitive development, language and motor skills, along with creativity will be facilitated through our developmentally appropriate curriculum and child-defined learning activities and games. But the most important part about encouraging child development is to make it fun. We make sure learning is just that - FUN!

Career and Family - We Help You Combine Both Worlds

Here at Zwingenberger Zwerge, we make it possible for you to easily balance work and family. Our flexible opening hours allow parents to comfortably re-enter the work-force after having a child. Your child will receive the best possible care at our daycare center – from breakfast to lunch and from naptime to pick-up time.