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Introductory Period

Introductory Period: Getting to Know Each Other

We believe that a settling-in period is essential to allow families to feel comfortable with this new situation at their own pace. During this period, parents and children will have the opportunity to get to know the group teachers and learn more about the daily activities and routines of our early childhood program.

Every Child is Unique

The introductory period is customized to fit the individual needs of each unique child and their family. Some children only need one or two days to feel completely comfortable with a new situation. Other children need three or four weeks to become familiar with new people and a new environment.

We encourage parent involvement and work closely together with families to guarantee that every child has a positive and successful settling-in period at our daycare center.

The Four Phases of the Introductory Period:

The introductory period can be broken up into four different phases:

  1. Informative Meeting: A parent-teacher meeting always takes place before the introductory period officially begins. During this meeting, the introduction process will be discussed in detail and parents will meet the daycare teacher that will be working closely with them and their child during the settling-in period (supporting teacher). Parents will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.

  2. Settling-In (ca. 3 days): A parent/guardian or other trusted adult should accompany the child during this phase. The main goal of the supporting teacher is to slowly bond with the child.

  3. Integration: In the beginning of this phase, the parent will be asked to quickly say goodbye to his/her child and then exit the room for a short time. If this initial time away from the parent is successful, then each day the parent will leave for a longer period of time until the supporting teacher is able to successfully comfort the child in the absence of the parent.

  4. Completion: The introductory period is completed only after the supporting teacher has been able to establish a trusting and long-lasting bond with the child, i.e. the child goes to the supporting teacher for comfort.

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